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The WenMoon Progression: Rising Above the Alt-coin Ashes

May 27

When you think of tokens the first thing that comes to mind is probably “Pump and dump” or “Scam” and well, you wouldn’t be wrong.

It’s no secret that the token community has been oversaturated with seemingly legitimate projects that just aren’t. That’s why it is becoming increasingly rare to see a token actually get any kind of real investors in. It’s just too risky. However, when that real project comes along and outlasts all of the ups and downs of the rollercoaster ride that is the token world you should probably take notice because the upside of a successful token is out of this world.

WenMoon launched the first week of April and hit the ground running. The first couple of weeks after the listing were spent heavily managing the community and figuring out the identity of the very fast rising token. The initial launch actually had a direction for WenMoon that has ever since been changed and revamped. After noticing that there were some areas that needed improvement in the token community, focus shifted to creating a suite of DApps (decentralized applications) that would make it easier, faster, and safer for the large community of token investors to use while investing and researching their favorite tokens.

The first app being released is called Profits. Set to be released to the public at the end of May, Profits is a simple yet powerful utility that will answer some of the most basic yet critical questions investors face regarding their current holdings. Profits will answer questions such as, “what was my buy-in price?”, “averaged buy-in price?”, “how many tokens have I earned through redistribution and what is their value?”, and more all on a simple and intuitive interface. One of the best parts of the Profits tool is that it is completely anonymous and safe and does not require you to connect your actual wallet. This also allows you to look at performance metrics for other wallets as well. Later iterations of the Profits tool will allow you to calculate breakeven and various milestones (2X, etc.) while taking into a project’s tokenomics, view historical tokens and trades, and much more!

More applications are on the way for the WenMoon team as they grow their footprint on the token trading community. With these milestones actually being surpassed the team has shown they aren’t a “pump and dump” token but something to be taken seriously. If you are an investor looking for an actual token project, then you should be turning your head at WenMoon. As with any new token the buy in price is ridiculously low and the upside high and they just recently listed on the popular trading platform BitMart which makes it easier for those not familiar with the Binance Smart Chain space to buy.

See you on the Moon!