My information, my cash: information dividends and the digital economic system

Few could have imagined the true cost of “data for a service”, in large part driven by a monopoly on user information economy as powerful internet giants and platforms have made our daily lives.

The ubiquity of the Internet has created rifts in society, from lower self-esteem to the impact on elections, while data ownership and privacy have often been haphazard for the sake of simplicity.

As a result, a movement of scholars, professionals, and activists are looking for alternative ways to close the power imbalance over a data dividend – a mechanism by which companies share profits from using personal data directly with users.

Is the data dividend an opportunity to restructure the digital economy on more equitable terms, or just a reshaping of the current data ecosystem?

In “My Data, My Money: Data Dividends and the Digital Economy” on November 18, CoinDesk data protection reporter Ben Powers invites executives from the Data Dividend Project, Data Union and HACKYLAWYER to look for alternative ways to address the imbalance in the Power to eliminate a data dividend or other means.

November 18, 2020 | 1:30 p.m. ET

Enoch Liang, CEO of the data dividend project
James Felton Keith, Founder and President of The Data Union
Ben Powers, data protection reporter, CoinDesk (host)
Elizabeth Renieris, founder and CEO of HACKYLAWYER

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