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Global Stock Exchange Group, One of World's Leading Players for Driving Next Generation Capital Marketing Infrastructure, Invests in CSX Limited in Hong Kong

Jul 14

HONG KONG, July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Stock Exchange Group ("GSX Group"), owner and operator of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) and GATENet, announces strategic investment in CSX Limited ("CSX"), a member company in Coinstreet Partners Group ("Coinstreet"). This unique partnership between two key leaders in their fields, combines traditional capital market experience, Fintech innovations, and business networks from Europe and Asia, to capitalize on unique digital asset opportunities.

Through this collaboration, Coinstreet and GSX Group will explore the optimal jurisdiction in Asia to enable CSX to set up a fully-compliant trading platform for Tokenized Assets and Digitized Securities (TADS). CSX's vision is to build the next-generation financial marketplace with on-chain settlement and registry solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiencies for issuers, investors and market participants everywhere.

Nick Cowan, CEO of GSX Group commented that "We recently published our vision for the future of global finance in our GATENet Whitepaper. We foresee all settlement and registry activities will eventually be replaced by protocol technologies. Our next generation Digital Financial Market Infrastructure ("Digital FMI") was designed to lower costs, eradicate fails, reduce risk and increase capital efficiency, with on-chain financial market, settlement and registry solutions via blockchain infrastructure, leading to larger global investor pools, greater price discovery and higher level of interoperability between different protocols."

"Asset tokenization is a game changer in the financial market. It can facilitate wealth inclusion by providing investors from different regions with access to high-quality investment opportunities worldwide, while providing enterprises with cost-efficient growth capital," commented Samson (Sam) Lee, Founder and CEO of Coinstreet Partners. "This strategic partnership with GSX brings great synergy to our plan." 

Stephen Law, Senior Advisor of Coinstreet Partners added, "STO is the new trend for fundraising in the primary market, while STO exchange provides on-going global liquidity from the secondary market. The two are natural partners with strong synergies with each other. Coinstreet is heading in both strategic directions".

According to a survey from the World Economic Forum, 10% of the world's GDP will be tokenized by 2027 -- with an estimated market capitalization of US$24 trillion. With increased clarity in the regulatory framework and positive developments in the industry, such as wider adoption of digital assets from financial institutions and innovative digital security offerings from large enterprises, both asset tokenization and digitized securities are gaining much momentum for new growth in the financial industry.

CSX aims to serve clients with tokenization needs ranging from stablecoins, real estate, financial services, technology, biotech, healthcare, telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, hotel, hospitality, lifestyle, gaming, media and entertainment sectors. Significant growth in the number of high-quality STO projects and global expansion of investor communities is expected, as the adaptation of this new corporate finance model gains popularity globally.

For investor relations, please contact - [email protected]

About GSX Group

GSX Group is an ecosystem of securities exchanges and designer of the Digital FMI, and seeks to exploit the next evolutionary stage in capital markets development: the tokenization of economies facilitating the adoption by, and convergence between, issuers and investors.

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About Coinstreet Partners (Coinstreet)

Founded in 2017, Coinstreet is an award-winning, decentralized investment banking group, a high-end financial services firm for private wealth, and a professional consultancy firm in the Digital Asset and FinTech sectors, providing a business eco-system for the new era of digital economy. Coinstreet focuses on five key business segments: (1) Asset Tokenization & Digital Securities Consultancy, (2) Digital Asset Management & Private Banking, (3) Digital Asset Global Distribution Coordination, (4) TADS Issuance, Trading & Management Platform, and (5) DeFi, NFT & DLT Solution.

Coinstreet is a co-organizer of the TADS Awards ( - the world's first international award for Tokenized Assets and Digitized Securities sector, and is a co-organizer of the Global Online Investor Roadshow ( – the next generation, institutional scale, online private placement platform for global private equities, alternative investments, and digital asset opportunities, serving private wealth and financial institution clients.

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About CSX Limited (CSX)

CSX is building a fully-compliant, next generation financial marketplace based on Digital Financial Market Infrastructure ("Digital FMI") model acting as a compliant gateway between CeFi (centralised finance) and DeFi (decentralized finance). Aiming to address some of the excessive costs and crucial inefficiencies of today's financial markets, CSX's Digital FMI model is designed to lower costs, eradicate fails, lower the cost of capital and reduce risk, with on-chain financial market, settlement and registry solutions via blockchain infrastructure, leading to greater efficiency, larger global investor pools, greater price discovery and higher level of interoperability. CSX is formerly known as STO Lab (Global) Limited and incubated by the Hong Kong Cyberport.

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Camille Yau
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Investor Relations:

Letitia Yip
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