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Tips For Mounting An IBC Mixer

Dec 16

Ibc anti-contamination mixer is critical for mixing bulk liquids and dry products. Intermediate Bulk Containers (commonly known as IBC totes) are large, re-useable containers that provide safe and efficient storage, transport, and handling for a wide variety of chemical, food and pharmaceutical applications. The IBC’s cubic shape and integral shipping pallet base allow them to easily be moved from one location to another by forklift. IBC totes are typically 275 gallon in capacity, but can be larger or smaller depending on the application.

Typical IBC mixers use a rotary style impeller to mix the products in the tote. These mixers are easy to install and require no tools, but are not suitable for mixing abrasive or toxic products. A newer design of tote agitator uses compressed air or gas to pulse in bursts through an IBC tote lid bung hole. This rapid pulsing action mixes and agitates the liquid within the tote tank faster than traditional mechanical or impeller tote mixers. This tote agitator can be used with any size or style of IBC tote and most liquid containers including food grade totes.

To ensure that your IBC blending is done properly, be sure to follow these tips when mounting your IBC mixer:

Always clamp the mixer firmly in place. When doing so, remember to keep the propeller a full “propeller’s” diameter away from the edge of the tank wall. This will help prevent any damage to the mixer shaft.

When using a high-speed IBC mixer in a hazardous environment, you should consider a ATEX certified model for a safer option. This IBC mixer is pre-wired to an ATEX safety switch, which will shut off the motor should the unit detect an overspeed condition. It also features a stainless steel eye bolt for lifting with a hoist or an optional fork lift module that can be pre-wired to your fork lift truck.

Whether you’re mixing a food product or a highly corrosive chemical, an IBC tote mixer can save you time and money. These durable and reliable mixers can be installed on site or taken to the jobsite, making them a versatile addition to your production line. White Mountain Process can help you select the right IBC mixer for your project and provide the necessary tote liners, fittings and accessories to get your IBC mixing job done quickly.

IBC Powder Blending

While a fixed powder blender is great for mixing the recipe inside an IBC, some recipes require liquid addition. This can be difficult with static mixers, but EvenMix IBC Tote Mixer innovative (Patent Pending) liquid addition system allows for liquids to be injected directly into the IBC blender during its rotation cycle. This eliminates the need for invasive sampling and speeds up recipe changeovers.

This IBC blending system is also great for resuspending settled solids, dissolving agglomerated lumps and mixing any powder recipe in an IBC tote. The EvenMix IBC mixer also features a shear cutter for high shear mixing that breaks up agglomerated powders and helps with the re-suspension of materials that wouldn’t be able to mix by flow alone.