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IBC Mixer For Non Shear Tote Mixing

Dec 16

Intermediate bulk containers, or IBCs, are cubic plastic transportable liquid storage totes commonly used in manufacturing. Their re-usable design allows manufacturers to store and use many different chemicals, coatings, and other industrial materials, and they are able to be moved with a fork lift truck because of their integrated shipping pallet base. However, the shape of an IBC makes them prone to settling, resulting in uneven or inconsistent mixing of the contents. This can lead to agglomerated lumps and a loss in product quality that results in additional production costs and wasted materials.

A solution for this problem is the Ibc anti-contamination mixer. This IBC mixer allows for the liquid addition of a wide range of recipes without opening or disrupting the IBC container. This innovation eliminates the need for invasive sampling and provides a more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process that reduces production times, cleaning requirements and risks of contamination.

The IBC blender can be used with a wide variety of liquids, including water and solvents. The addition of a high shear cutter to the IBC blender also expands blending capabilities, allowing more cohesive powders to be processed and agglomerated lumps to be broken up. The IBC mixer is a perfect solution for companies with a wide range of recipe mixes that would otherwise require a fixed powder blender and the associated time-consuming manual intervention and cleaning procedures between recipe changeovers.

IBC Blenders with Air Injection

For products that require the addition of liquids to a powder blend, the Ibc anti-contamination mixer system can be configured for automatic injection during the blender rotation cycle, without manual intervention or the need to open the IBC. This patented technology extends the functionality of the IBC tumble blender and is especially well suited for those applications where the addition of liquid fats or thickeners is required.

IBC Tote Mixers For Quick, Easy Agitation

The air-driven IBC tote mixer is ideal for re-homogenizing slurry and high viscosity liquids in standard IBCs as well as bag-in-a-box and polyurethane foam insulated tote tanks. This tote mixer agitator is designed with no gears, motors or impeller blades and it can easily be used by plant and warehouse personnel.

These IBC tote mixers mount on the side of a stainless steel bridge that fits over the center cap of an industry standard 1000 or 800 liter IBC. The bridge is secured in place with quick-action toggle clamps and an eye bolt for lifting the mixer with a hoist. These tote mixers can be configured for mixing a wide range of liquids, including water, slurry and thickeners. They are also ideal for re-suspension of settled solids and dissolution of powders. For higher viscosity materials, an IBC mixer with dual impellers is recommended. These IBC tote agitators are the best-in-class for mixing liquids in IBCs.