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How To Do Concrete Leveling Yourself

Nov 12

Concrete leveling is the process of raising sunken concrete slabs back to their original position. It's a cost-effective alternative to replacing damaged concrete and works for a variety of outdoor applications, including patios, driveways, sidewalks, and swimming pool decks.

There are several reasons that your sidewalk or driveway may need to be lifted, but the most common is a trip hazard or structural damage. Uneven concrete can cause dangerous trips and falls, while cracks in your driveway can allow water to seep through the slab and into your home or even cause further damage over time.

Experienced Concrete Levelers service can quickly and easily lift your walkway or driveway back to its proper position and provide a long-lasting solution. They use specialized equipment that uses low-pressure to fill voids and raise the concrete slabs back to their original positions. This method is less invasive than other traditional repair methods and won't disturb surrounding landscaping or structures.

While it's possible to do concrete leveling yourself, you should only attempt this if the damage is minimal and limited to one or two spots on your walkway. For larger repairs, it's best to leave the work to a professional concrete leveling company.

If you do decide to do the concrete leveling yourself, be aware of the risks involved and choose the right tools for your project. You'll need a power drill with a wide range of drilling bits and a high-quality concrete grinder for the job. You'll also need to know how to use your tools correctly and be comfortable working with machinery. It's best to hire a professional if you aren't familiar with using heavy equipment or aren't confident in your own abilities.

Mudjacking and Polyleveling

There are a few different ways to level concrete, but the most popular is called mudjacking or foam leveling. This process involves drilling holes into the surface and pumping a liquid mixture of soil, cement, and water under the slab to "jack" it up from below. It costs less than a full replacement, but it's messy and not as durable as other concrete leveling methods.

It's not waterproof - The mudjacking slurry will wash away after it rains, leaving your concrete slab still uneven. It requires large holes - The holes needed to pump the mudjacking slurry can compromise the structural integrity of your slab and leave it susceptible to future damage.

A more modern option for concrete leveling is called polyleveling. Instead of mud or cement, this method uses a foam that's engineered to expand and fill voids under your concrete slab. This will help to lift it up and stabilize it, allowing it to last longer than other repair options.

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