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Occupational Therapy Is A Great Option For Many Seniors

Nov 10

Occupational therapy to improve daily living helps people of all ages address barriers that prevent them from participating in activities they value. An OT can help you or your loved one learn to use adaptive equipment, improve their ability to carry out daily tasks, build strength and balance, work on their motor skills, and much more.

In addition to helping patients regain independence, occupational therapy can be used to assist with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. It can also be beneficial in helping children with learning disabilities, such as autism.

The field of occupational therapy has a diverse background and draws on multiple disciplines. It includes a foundation in science through disciplines such as anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and neuroscience. In addition, it uses principles from a wide range of disciplines such as psychology and sociology.

OTs work in all types of settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation and psychiatric hospitals, community-based programs, private practice, school systems, and nursing homes. They usually work 40 plus hour weeks and are on their feet much of the time, treating their clients. They are required to complete extensive education and fieldwork to obtain their licenses.

Many people who need home care don’t have access to a skilled healthcare provider, so they turn to non-medical agencies or companion agencies that provide friendly home help services. However, these services aren’t licensed and don’t conduct full criminal background checks on their workers.

A quality home care agency will be able to demonstrate that they are licensed and will provide references. You can also ask your doctor or healthcare professional for a recommendation. Many communities have social or religious groups that offer caregiving services, as well.

Before recommending a plan of treatment, an OT will begin by listening to your needs and understanding what you are currently doing, as well as the challenges that you face. They will then discuss how your condition affects your daily life and what goals you would like to achieve.

Then they will help you set goals and design a program of treatments, which may include physical exercises, the use of adaptive equipment, or other devices, and environmental modifications such as removing rugs that could trip someone up. They will monitor your progress over time and make changes if necessary. They will also teach you and your family members how to carry out the plan of treatment. Occupational therapy can provide the support you need to live the life you want in your own home, and stay as independent as possible. To learn more, visit an occupational therapy center near you. They can be found online, in print ads, and in local directories. You can also ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. They may know of a caregiver that can regularly check in with you or help with chores or errands. They may even be able to offer a ride to church or social activities. This is a great option for many seniors who don’t need round-the-clock care and are resistant to moving into a facility.

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