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Advantages Of Smart Packaging

Nov 9

Smart Packaging is a new generation of packaging that can communicate with customers directly through digital chips embedded within the package or on its label. These intelligent packaging systems can be used to deliver a variety of important information from nutritional values, dietary needs and product warnings to detailed traceability, location, recyclability and even environmental impact data.

Smart labels and packaging are becoming increasingly popular with the rapid adoption of digital technologies by consumers. Companies can include QR codes and RFID in their packaging to allow customers to scan the code or tag to direct them to a website that provides additional useful information such as instructional videos, tutorials and user manuals. This can be an ideal way to educate customers about your products and help them use them properly.

This form of Smart Packaging can also be used to track the location of a package and its contents, giving manufacturers more control over their supply chain and improving customer service. The ability to know exactly where a package is in the distribution process is invaluable for companies that rely on distributors to stock and sell their products.

A common use of Smart Packaging Solutions involves the inclusion of sensors that can detect conditions such as moisture, temperature and contamination on a food or beverage product. Indicators such as chemical-responsive coatings, litmus paper or conductivity electrodes can change color to alert the consumer of any changes in quality or condition that may have occurred. These indicators can be incorporated into packaging or added as inserts and are particularly valuable in the food industry where it’s critical to monitor shelf life and product safety.

Another advantage of this type of intelligent packaging is the ability to collect and monitor data remotely. It is not uncommon for errors during production to go unnoticed – such as incorrect line speed, nozzle settings or tank pressure – and can have a huge impact on the quality of finished product. In addition, it can take a long time to identify the source of any problems, which can result in return claims, poor brand reputation and lost sales. Smart labels and packaging can be equipped with easy-to-install sensor technology that can collect data and transmit it to the cloud for analysis and feedback.

A key aspect of any business is the ability to capture reorders once a customer runs out of a product. Smart packaging integrations can enable a company to automatically send a message or email when it predicts that a product will be running low and prompt the customer to visit their website to order a replacement. This can improve reorder rates and increase revenue.