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The Merits of Mercer, Vervoe, and Mercer Skills Assessment Tests

Jun 15

Various organizations use a skills assessment test to make hiring and training decisions. Depending on the organization's needs, a skills assessment test may include one or more of the following: Mettl, Mercer, Vervoe, or a combination of several of these tests. In this article, we'll discuss the merits of each test and what makes each one effective. You can also view some common misconceptions about these tests.


The Vervoe skills assessment test is designed to predict candidate job performance. Its test library includes tests in copywriting, retail, and IT. The company claims that using its tests can improve hiring and decrease turnover rates. If you are considering using Vervoe, here are the top reasons to use it:

Vervoe is an AI-powered skills testing platform that gives job candidates the chance to demonstrate their skills and prove their value. It automatically ranks applicants based on their performance. The company's founders, David Weinberg and Omer Molad, have backgrounds in banking, military, and the Red Cross. The company aims to change the way we hire people, so that everyone has a fair shot at a good job.

The software has a free trial period that allows you to create two assessments. Starter plan pricing is $79/month and includes three team seats and up to 100 candidates per assessment. Starter plan users get an integration with Zapier. Professional plan users get 4 assessments, six team seats, and 300 candidates per assessment. Enterprise pricing is available as well, so that you can customize your plan to meet your needs. In addition to the free trial, Vervoe also offers paid plans.

The Vervoe skills assessment test can be completed online or on mobile devices. Its user interface is not very attractive, but it is easy to navigate. Its video feature is unique among online assessment tools. It is the only one built right into an ATS, which allows for on-demand video screening. Moreover, it enables fair questioning and unlimited replays. And, the company uses AI-powered grading to streamline its workflow and reduce error rates.


The Mercer Mettl skills assessment test is an online assessment tool that allows employers to assess candidates' skills and abilities. It provides a pre-existing testing library and customizable assessment tests. It uses facial and keystroke recognition, as well as a webcam to monitor candidates and prevent cheating. The results of the tests are available in Greenhouse Recruiting. This tool can be a useful tool for shortlisting candidates, as well as tracking individual progress.

The test features a score sheet that includes the percentage of correct answers for each section and the whole test. Each candidate receives a customized weblink to view their results. The results can help employers select the best candidates for different positions and track performance against the company's hiring requirements. This tool is an ideal tool for hiring technical candidates from college and university campuses. Mercer Mettl's tests are available online for the benefit of all employees.

Mercer Mettl's tests measure the aptitude of employees and job applicants. Whether it is the technical skills needed to complete a job or soft skills, the test measures both. Because these tests are online, they are objective, eliminating bias. The results of the tests are quantified and can be compared easily to those of traditional interviews. They are an excellent way to determine if you have a talented employee or an unmotivated candidate.


Mercer Mettl Talent Assessments are an online testing solution that screens job candidates and engages existing employees to measure their potential. The assessment system consists of multiple psychometric tests, structured interviews, and coding simulators. In addition, it features technology that prevents cheating by using keystroke and facial recognition, as well as a webcam to monitor the candidate's activity. Mercer Mettl Talent Assessments are GDPR compliant and supported in over 30 languages.

Mercer Mettl offers flexible online exam creation, with nine question types and a vast public library. Advanced scheduling and analytics provide instant feedback. Real-time grading is also available. Mercer Mettl also provides assessment platforms for personality, leadership, and communication. The assessment platform has more than 200 ready-to-use talent assessments across 25 industries, and question banks for almost every job role. This means that Mercer is a one-stop-shop for creating and assessing talent.

Mercer Mettl offers online proctored assessments, as well as online lateral hiring drives. These assessments evaluate key personality traits, as well as cognitive skills and values. Cognitive assessments measure candidates' behavior and preferences, and are especially useful for identifying high-potential candidates. A Mercer Mettl assessment is a great way to screen potential candidates and assess the skills and traits they possess. This assessment platform also allows you to send an email to candidates based on their score.